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 GUIDE: Skill Points

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PostSubject: GUIDE: Skill Points   Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:04 am

This is a list of ALL skill points available in the weapon trees. They are numbered in order of which point you can get first. You only need one level 4 point to access the level 5 points in each tree.

+350 Health
+150 Defense & Toughness
+230 Might
+84 Dominance
+80 Vitalization
+6 Stealth
+150 Restoration
+60% Critical Healing Magnitude
+12% Critical Healing Chance
+11% Critical Attack Chance
+60% Critical Attack Damage

Imo, the iconic power tree has eight vital traits (all level 22) for increasing character stats:
Every player should acquire Nanoweave Armor (+50 Defense / +100 Toughness) and Powerful Resistance (+100 Health).
Controllers should acquire Intimidating Gaze (+25 Dominance) and Wisdom of Solomon (+50 Vitalization / +100 Power).
Healers should acquire Miracle Worker (+10% Critical Healing Magnitude) and Empathic Healing (+3% Critical Healing Chance).
DPS specialists should acquire Weapons Expert (+3% Critical Attack Chance) and Tactical Genius (+10% Critical Attack Damage).
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GUIDE: Skill Points
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